Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back Stabbing Brash

Don Brash, you wouldn't want him as a friend. Poor, naive Hilary Calvert, one time supporter of Rodney Hyde and famous turncoat for swapping to support the leadership challenge of Don Brash has now got her reward.

Yes! Stabbed in the back by Don, in effect dumped from the party list and to all intents and purposes, Don Brash, as usual has a scape goat to make him look, "the board was keen to....".

But this is normal for Don Brash. He reminds me of Adolf Hitler, always wants to be leader and will go to any end to get there but wants to come up smelling of roses. Let's face it he smells of excrement. There is no one in NZ politics who sinks as low as Don Brash.

He did the same years ago when joining the National Party and stabbing Bill English in the back to take the leadership, then went on to fail at the general election and that was at a time when virtually the whole country was fed up of a Labour government. As usual Don turned defeat into victory stating that he had come so close to getting the required votes to lead. You still LOST!

I'm disappointed in Rodney Hyde, without him there would be no Act representation in NZ Government. He should have fought for his position and on losing should have announced to run as an independent candidate against John Banks, the new whipping boy chosen by Don Brash to win the all important electorate seat.

I implore all Epsom voters to vote for anyone other than John Banks so that we can see the demise of Don Brash. Just watch him decide to leave the Act Party if they do not get into parliament stating other more pressing interests have taken him away.

Brash is a parasite albeit a very successful one. My advice to John Banks, watch your back!

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