Monday, October 31, 2011

NZ Act Party and Peter Huljich

Peter Huljich pleaded guilty to misleading investors for the Huljich KiwiSaver scheme. Is he the scape goat? I think so. His fellow directors Act leader Don Brash and Act Epsom candidate John Banks, are let off the hook. Don Brash apparently resigned in October 2010 and John Banks was and still is a director of the parent company Huljich (New Zealand) Ltd and Huljich Ltd. It appears these two directors have no knowledge of such dealings. Well that could be true but very unlikely. What does seem more likely is that they have arranged for Peter Huljich to take the rap to ensure they are not compromised in the bid to get John Banks elected and Don Brash into parliament on his shirt tails. It is highly unlikely that Don Brash could win a seat. The people should be very skeptical of the ability of two directors who don't know what is happening in the company they are heavily involved in, being able to assist in running the country. God forbid we have another death in Afghanistan but these two candidates, Don Brash and John Banks would probably state they did not know there was any Kiwi involvement there. A vote for Act is a vote for dishonesty and deceit.

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