Monday, November 28, 2011

The Voters Have Chosen

Thankfully the New Zealand voters voted wisely with their party vote in last Saturdays general election and basically voted to keep Don Brash out of parliament. The man who said "I'm leader for the next three years not matter what!" was in fact lying again, he resigned immediately. Good thing too. With Don Brash it is a bit like to old country and western song lyric, "Why did you believe me when I told you that I love you when you know I've been a liar all my life". So it is back with a National government for the next 3 years with a slim 2 seat majority. Good old Winston Peters made it back into parliament and got a respectable 6.8 percent of the total vote. At least we should get some colorful debate and no doubt the slow leak of some scandal or other he has managed to uncover. As for the rest it is Act with one seat, that result shows that any vote for Act was a wasted vote. Let us hope he gets kicked out next time around unless Act can do something to justify its continued existence as a political party. Peter Dunne and United Future will surely disappear when he steps down in the not too distant future. I'm sure he will do another 3 years but who knows after that. The Maori vote went down, that's the usual price for supporting another party to form a government. The perception from a lot of your voters tends to reflect the strong feelings people have against your larger coalition partner rather than what you may have achieved by supporting that coalition. Along with that was the split that the stupid Hone Harawira. He managed to get himself voted into parliament but that is all. Now we can look forward to seeing how the mix in parliament manage to conduct the affairs of the country for three years. One thing I think we can safely say is that for the majority of people we will all be poorer with the ever increasing burden that government puts onto the resident population. I'd love to be wrong on that!

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