Saturday, January 28, 2012

NZ Mine Safety

"Peter Whittall opens mine safety consulting business" headline on Are we or is Peter Whittall crazy? This is putting the lunatic in charge of the asylum! Here is the former chief executive of Pike River Coal where 29 men lost their lives in November 2010. This is the person ultimately responsible for the running of Pike River and under whose oversight the safety concerns raised by workers was ignored. Okay, there is no law against him setting up a company but for heaven's sake let us hope that all the people he tries to consult with and for are made aware of his past disaster rate. I seriously hope he makes his involvement in the Pike River disaster clear in his company prospectus. But let us not leave the NZ Government without blame. Their own labour department, who are in charge of safety in the workplace did zero to ensure the Pike River mine was operated in a safe manner.

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