Saturday, July 5, 2014

Been Away A Long Time

My last post was in 2012, too long away, I think. It isn't that there has not been anything to comment on, just that I have been too lazy. What is annoying me at the moment is the situation in Syria. Here we have another bunch of ragheads destroying religious shrines and buildings all because they belong to another religion or, even more stupid, they belong to a different sect of the same religion. I can understand that nutters exist and the current leader of ISIS, the biggest idiot for a long time, Abu Bakr al-Baghadadi, is indeed a nutter. What I can't understand is that he has any followers! Do they really have no minds of their own. They obviously don't study the Koran or are not familiar with any other religious ideals. All religions basically say turn a blind eye, live and let live, they only get stroppy when they are being persecuted. Muslims certainly aren't being persecuted but are becoming the persecutors. It is time the UN created a "Protect the world from religious nutters" division. These would be deployed when any nutcase created a Fatwa or promoted any violence against any person or group of persons, they would go in and kill the loud mouth and let the rest of mankind get on with simply living their lives in a peaceful manner. As I have said in previous observations. The Muslim religion is 600 years behind Christianity and cannot seem to live and let live even amongst themselves. It is time for the men and women of Syria and any other place these self proclaimed madmen live to stand up and be counted and bring the perpetrator of these crimes to justice. You never seem to see women behaving is such a disgraceful manner.

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