Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Islamic State Group

I have read recently about twitter posts by people of the Muslim religion comparing the western civilisations of not apologising for Adolf Hitler while decrying the actions of the Islamic State movement. One glaringly obvious difference is that the western civilised states opposed to Adolf Hitler actually did something about it. They went to war and eradicated the perpetrator of the actions carried out under the name of Adolf Hitler. Then put other senior members of that regime on trial. I don't see much of the Islamic nations doing anything to eradicate the Islamic State leadership and their extremist followers. A little less bleating and more action is required. These people should not be fleeing ther homes and cities, they should be fighting back with everything under their power and in any way they can. If the Islamic State manage to take control of an area the people there should start a well organised campaign to slowly kill off any of the Islamic State members they can, plant bombs, poison their food

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