Saturday, September 20, 2014

3 Mor Years

Well the National Party of New Zealand has secured another 3 years running the country. The worst part is that they can be a government without the help of any other party. Heaven knows what they might chose to do! How did it happen? Firstly the .com fiasco only helped John Key, mass surveillance wasn't an issue for the majority of Kiwis who implicitly believe that the government knows best, it's a Kiwi trait. They also do it with the justice system, hence some of the great miscarriages if justice we have seen. Also, for those sitting on the fence regarding surveillance were pushed in the National Party direction by the ever so convenient raids and arrests by the Australian Authorities just a few days before polling day. A happy coincidence? Perhaps. What we need is for a few disaffected National MP,s to quit! not likely to happen. However we do know that not a great deal will change over the next three years. We have another government that has no clear vision beyond New Zealand being a primary agricultural producer and not much else. As a nation we had better hope that prices remain at high levels for what we do produce, but that is unlikely as more countries having seen the high returns for agricultural produce begin to catch up and flood the market with produce, bringing the high price market to an end. Result, increasing government deficits, higher interest rates and higher unemployment. I hope I'm wrong.

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