Monday, July 7, 2014

Cyclist Killed

Here in New Zealand we have yet another cyclist killed on the road in the early hours of the morning. There is probably fault on the part of both parties but my recent experience in the Hamilton area has been that there are far too many cyclists who do not seem to understand that they need to be seen. I have recently witnessed several cyclists out in the early morning with no lights on their person or bicycle and to boot wearing black or very dark clothing. Even in the city the street lighting is not that great as to make such cyclists easily visible. I am not aware of the details of this mornings accident but obviously the driver has not seen the cyclist and just ploughed straight into her. She may have been wearing all the right gear and had lights but the accident occurred anyway. It is more important for cyclist to be extra vigilant for their own safety. The same goes for pedestrians and motorists need to be more vigilant. As a cyclist you must be aware that you are sharing the road with vehicles of much greater substance than a cycle and that in any encounter you are going to come off second best. Please cyclists, for your own safety make sure you are easily visible, you need to stand out like a lighthouse to be sure you can be seen from at least 50-100 metres away.

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