Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pro Russian Rebels Shoot Down Passenger Jet?

From recent news reports, it appears that the Pro Russian separatists in the Ukraine have shot down a Malaysian Airways commercial flight. Each side is blaming the other, but since the rebels do not have any aircraft and only a missile system provide by the kremlin, it makes more sense that this is a rebel activity. Putin should rein in his pet monkey, probably assassinate him to remove the problem, and let the Ukraine get on with running the Ukraine. Putins' annexation of the Crimea demonstrated how insecure Putin is. He has constantly paraded himself as some sort of macho man and his support of the anti gay Russian legislation really goes to demonstrate that he is probably a 'closet homosexual' or has been guilty of homosexual activities in the past. I do think he doth protest too much! One can only hope that Putin puts the brakes on the Ukrainian Pro Russian seperatists, but it is unlikely, since every historical look at his reactions show he is more likely to throw his toys out of the cot, of make some similar gesture of immaturity. Alexander Borodai, pet monkey of Putin, along with other Putin cheer leaders, has gone too far and needs to be eliminated.

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